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Document translation

We carry out translations in Technical, Medical, Legal, Financial and many other fields. Please check out the sectors we cover.


Our editors and proofreaders are highly skilled and qualified. We use Track changes for proofreading.

Website translation/Localisation

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do. We will help you to translate and localise your webpage according to your needs and the local culture, wherever you are.


Professional artists are able to voice-over in different languages whether it is advertisements for radio or TV programmes. We have the equipment and technical staff to meet your needs.

Audio/Video/DVD Transcription

We have extensive experience in this field and are able to transcribe from any audio, tape, CD, DVD, Video formats into the language recorded and then translate the text into the target language. This usually involves more than two linguists and may take between 4-6 working hours per one hour recording.

Name Translation and Tattoo Design—A Unique Gift and a wonderful present for loved ones!

Imagine… a loved one’s name or favourite phrase in exotic script. Our professionals offer 100% accurate translation into authentic and beautiful script in Japanese, Tibetian, Chinese and other languages (Just ask!).

Please click here for more information if you would like to order.


Educational workshops on foreign languages and cultures

We provide tailor-made educational workshops for corporate staff, primary and secondary schools and other educational organisations. In our workshops, we explore the following aspects of the country which you select: culture, people, religion, art, music (tester classes), language (tester classes), geography, food, weather, education, health and sports. We have experienced facilitators who make skilful use of music, story-telling, pictures and video. Workshops are available for one hour, half a day or a full day.

Please CONTACT US with the name of the country you are interested in.

Braille Transcription/Palantype

According to statistics from the World Health Organisation, 161 million people in the world live with a disabling visual impairment. We currently provide Braille Transcription in English, Mandarin, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and Korean. Please contact us for more languages. Likewise, Palantype is enormously beneficial for the hard-of-hearing and deaf community: Palantypist records speech through a machine shorthand and produces verbatim (word for word) transcripts of speech. We can provide both specialists in both Braille and Palantype to meet your needs.

Country Briefings

We will prepare country briefings for you on any area of interest in order to help you achieve your goals. This is essential information for any business to deal successfully with clients in a foreign country. Please contact us specifying your particular area of interest, along with the country.


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Professional Translation



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Audio and Video

CD,DVD and Blu-ray


Art and Culture

School workshops
Calligraphy Design
Name and Tattoo Design
Country Briefings
London Solution
Website Localisation

Internet Marketing

Website Design
Logo Design
Social Media

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A Unique Gift: A wonderful present for loved ones!